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Circleville VFD Friday Night Bingo

Doors open at 5:00 PM
Bingo starts at 7:00 PM

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Kitchen Is OPEN
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The Lunch Lady on Wheels!!!

Bingo Package Price
2024 Holiday Cancelation Days
Memorial Day: May 24th
4th of July: July 5th
Labor Day: August 30th
Black Friday: November 29th
Bingo Rules

1. Players between the ages of 14 and 17 years of age must be accompanied by
a parent or guardian. Anyone in violation will not be paid and will be asked to
leave the premises.
2. Only people with an admission ticket may purchase jackpots and extra specials.
3. There will be no splitting of cards. All people playing bingo must purchase a
complete bingo package.
4. Prize money will be paid in cash to the admission ticket holder. When there is
more than one winner the prize money will be split evenly.
5. Lucky number is not optional; it will be included in the price of admission. The
lucky number or numbers will be drawn before the first regular game and will
only be paid if it is the last number called in a regular game only. This must be
verified by the judge and caller. When the lucky number reaches $1,000 we
will hold that amount and start another lucky number. Must be a single winner.
6. All paper cards must be marked with a bingo dauber. All cards not marked
with a dauber will not be eligible to be paid. The cards must also have the
serial number.

7. If the winner has more than one bingo on the same card or on different cards

(and bingo is not a single win). They will be paid their shares on the total prizes.

8. You can reserve seats until 6:15pm.

After that you will be asked to move your things in order for other people to sit.

9. The judge will be drawn for the following week's bingo within our nightly drawing. The judge must sit next to the caller. If the judge does show, the admission is void. In the event of a no-show of a judge,

one will be selected before the start of bingo.

10. Any bingo that is made in only four numbers will receive an extra $10.00(regular games only).

11. There will be no alcoholic beverages on the premises.

12. All disputes will be decided by the bingo caption, caller, and the judge.

The bingo captain has final say in all disputes.

13. Straight line bingo and outside four corners will be paid on regular games.

14. Light boards are unofficial.


These Two Packets Are Included In Your $30.00 Package.

18 Regular Face (Blue/White)

6 Special Face (Jackpot Included) (Solid Blue)

Games Below Are NOT Included In Your $30.00 Package

Winner Take All


Bonanza 50#'s or Less


Quickie #1


Quickie #2



 Purchase Additional Extras Of Some or All Games, At Time of Arrival Or Throughout The Evening (We Will Come To You).





Extra Jackpots


Nightly Game Sheet


We Have Bingo Supplies!!!


Three Large Bingo Boards and Five Smaller Ball Camera Boards

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