Circleville VFD is now accepting donations online through PayPal. 
A PayPal account in not required to donate.

Below are preset donation amounts, based on our annual donation drive.  Preset donation amounts are $30, $60, and $80 dollars.  There is also an option available to enter a custom dollar amount.  Once you choose a donation button, you will be directed to PayPal to complete your transaction.
100% of your donation goes directly to support Circleville VFD and remember your donation is tax deductible.




Custom Amount

While we are constantly looking for ways to keep costs at the firehouse down, and for ways to raise money, we still rely on the faithful donations from the community to help us meet our everyday increasing costs. The upkeep on the equipment, trucks and maintenance of the building, are just a few of the basic costs that never go away. Yet, we are an all-volunteer organization that needs the constant support of the community to help with the payment of bills and keeping things up to all of our standards.

Each time there is a fire call or an emergency, we respond to provide the best fire and safety protection that we have to offer. Yet, when we need the support of the community to keep this coverage intact, we only receive a small percentage of support. This support comes from you, the friends and neighbors of the Circleville VFD and its members.

Your donations are greatly appreciated and will be put to the best use for you and the community. We are an IRS 501C-3 non-profit organization.

From the members of Circleville VFD, we thank you for your donation and supporting your local volunteers.

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